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If you read my book, and you like it, I hope you will tell Amazon what your thoughts are.  Simply go to Amazon.com, bring up my book, and write a review, a paragraph or two stating what you liked or didn't like about the book and any ideas on how I could have improved it, then give it the number of stars you think it deserves.  I appreciate your thoughtful feedback.

Thanks, Dave Waldo


Chapter 1: How I Started Telling Stories
Chapter 2: What Makes A Good Story Good?
Chapter 3: Tap into Your Memories
Chapter 4: The Magic
Chapter 5: Shape Your Story for Maximum Impact
Chapter 6: Cardinal Rule for Storytellers
Chapter 7: Tell Your Story with Pizzazz
Chapter 8: Write, Tell, Shape, and Re-Shape
Chapter 9: The Humorous Story
Chapter 10: Joke Telling
Chapter 11: Be Ready With a Story to Tell
Chapter 12: Venturing Beyond the Truth
Chapter 13: Storytelling for Public Speakers
Chapter 14: Storytelling for Writers
Chapter 15: Sharing Your Stories with the World

Author’s Personal Stories

Story A   No Brakes
Story B   One Person Can Make a Difference
Story C   Child’s Play with Cousin Ross
Story D   Board on a Puddle
Story E   Money Magnet
Story F   Repo Man
Story G   No Charlie!
Story H   Ink Pad
Story I    Magoo
Story J   The Shrinking Cubicle
Story K   Reunion Drama
Story L    Hank and the Bank Robbers
Story M   Developing Extraordinary Powers
Story N   Presenting - A Lesson Learned
Story O   Big Bill’s Electric Fence
Story P   Rick’s Angel

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About the Book

Entertaining, fun, simple to read,
and simple to follow;

Learn how to create compelling stories; how to make them come alive;

how to capture and maintain your listeners’ attention; and how to make your stories entertaining and memorable so people will want to read and hear them.  If you want to write and tell personal stories, this is the book for you.  The book is fun to read.  It includes many entertaining stories

from the author’s life.  A book for the whole family; the stories are all appropriate for children.  At the end of each chapter are some action steps that you can work through.  With very little effort you will soon be writing and telling your own entertaining stories.  An excellent teaching aid for anyone who wants to conduct storytelling workshops or classes; it’s easy to read and easy to follow.  Public speakers, teachers, writers, and everyone else who wants to communicate effectively will find the book worthwhile.